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What Do You Consider When Investing On Properties?

What Do You Consider When Investing On Properties?

There are some key factors to be considered when buying your landed property for maximum return on investment.

Though landed properties will definitely appreciate in value irrespective of where it is located but the question is, how faster will that be?

Many people buy landed properties because they know that it’s the only solid investment that can be transfer to the next generation with the assurance of getting an inevitable return on investment.

Some buy because other are buying real estate and they don’t want to be left out.

Whole some buy for business purpose, buy to build or buy to hold on to.

Irrespective of your purpose of buying, it’s a must for you to consider the following factors if you desire quick and huge maximum returns.

Location & Proximity: Locations is paramount when chosen where to invest your money. In fact this is the first you need to look out for, what is the proximity to basic economic driven projects, houses, social amenities, schools, market etc.

Infrastructures: Another factor you need to look out for is the infrastructures which includes accessibility to the property, road network, the current or future development in where you intend to invest.

Potential Appreciation: one of the reasons why we want to invest is for capital appreciation. But before you can be assured for maximum return on investment the first two factors must have been put into consideration.

Future Development: Never you invested your hard earned money on landed properties if you don’t know the government plans and policies in that axis. Do your independent search about the environment to know all what is coming to that axis because government interest increases demand and demands leads to increase in property prices.

Security: Security is another major factor that is also very important to you. Make your findings about the security history of the community you wanted to invest and if it’s environment prone to violence or security treats please back off from such area.


Gbenga Adeleke

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