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Why You Must Invest in Real Estate Through Reputable Company

Why You Must Invest in Real Estate Through Reputable Company

You might have been considering investing on landed properties either through omo onile or real estate company, I must tell you categorically that investing through reputable real estate company is the best option for you.


  • It reduce chances of being scammed. Real estate investment for what it’s known for is somehow tricky to venture into if you don’t know much about the business or who you are dealing with. Buying from a reputable real estate company can save you a lot of “higi haga”
  • Proper documentation is procured for you by the company: Buying landed properties without document is like you buying a vehicle without document to prove the ownership. You will be given documents of all transactions between you and the company for reference purposes.
  • It takes away the nagging omo-onile issues: You have no business with the traditional land owner (omo onile). Both parties must have settled all agreement before introducing the products to the market for people to subscribe into the estate.
  • Buying from a company gives you insights about what the company features and proposed facilities that will be provided in the estate such as good road network, perimeter fencing, treated water, electricity, secured, green area and conducive environment for children. This is actually not a benefit  you will get from omo-onile.
  • You have the privilege to spread payment for a lengthy period of time while you are getting your receipt and contract of sale with the company stamp as evidence of payment. You pay for your intended property at your convenience without being afraid.
  • You have assurance of buying for investment purpose without your land being sold to another client like the popular omo-onile are known for. You can buy for longer period of time and your land will still be intact when you are ready to take possession.
  • Increase in ROI: The Returns on Investment increases sporadically as the market of the property you are buying is controlled by the company. Prices increase as infrastructures are being put in place and locations get habitable.

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Gbenga Adeleke

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Gbenga Adeleke

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